FBLI Outcome Dissemination...

In an effort to disseminate the outcomes of FBLI program as well as promoting application of integrated approach in research for human and animal health, former members of the FBLI program presented at the the 7th annual meeting of GREASE network – a network supporting Research Activities for better Management of Emerging Epidemic Risks in Southeast Asia.  The presentations included an update of outcomes from the FBLI program, follow-ups such as the continuous collaboration of former members in other projects such as Health and Antibiotics in Pig Production in Vietnam (also known as the VIDA-Pig project funded by the Danish Government) and COMACROSS (the Companion Approach for cross-sectorial collaboration in health risk management in Southeast Asia) program.

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From left to right: Nguyen Viet Hung, Tran Minh Hang, Suporn Thongyuan, and Pham Duc Phuc at GREASE office

Starting with the subject of emerging infectious diseases and avian influenza, integrated approach like One Health or Ecohealth is now widely used among research interface of human and animal health in Southeast Asia to address other issues such as Anti-Microbial Resistances (AMR) or food safety. Creating networks in doing research strengthen the applications of integrated approach in dealing with real-world problems.

GREASE  responds to the challenge of emerging transboundary animal infections and zoonotic diseases by producing a theoretical and operational framework in the framework of the One Health approach. To read more about GREASE, please follow: https://www.grease-network.org/