1. Citra Pratiwi Sidebang (2015). Measuring the Impact of Smallholder Dairy Farming on Health Using an Ecohealh Approach: A Case Study in the Highlands of West Java.
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Media publications

  1. Global Health Future Leaders event (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4grRSo8ANs)
  2. Global Health Future Leaders Newsletter (http://www.indo-oh-university.net/blog/category/news/national-news/)

Reports from Conferences/Meetings

1. TOT workshop in Pattaya, Thailand: report pdf
2. Write shops: report pdf
3. Kunming inception research meeting, October 2012 : report pdf
4. First FBLI RCG annual meeting - Jakarta meeting December 2013: Report pdf
5. Mid-term research workshop and second FBLI RCG annual meeting, February 2015: report pdf
6. Third FBLI RCG annual meeting – Bangkok January 2016 : report pdf

7. FBLI Knowledge Translation Workshop "From Ecohealth Research to Policy" 23-24 May 2016: report pdf

8. FBLI Vietnam intervention package:



Poster: 6 steps for safe use of biogas

Viilage regulation