The FBLI Regional Policy Brief...

This regional policy brief is based on the outcomes from the Ecohealth research, capacity building and knowledge translation work conducted under the Field Building Leadership Initiative (FBLI), a five-year program (2011-2016) funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and implemented by partner institutions in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The brief highlights agricultural intensification increases risks to human, animal and environmentall health; and the application of Ecohealth approach mitigate some negative effects of agricultural instensification. It also stresses out that the increasing the capacity and involvement of farmers and other relevant stakeholders in applying Ecohealth approaches can contribute to improved agricultural practices and health.

Capacity building activities such as training for future leaders and integrating Ecohealth approach in existing official training programs– improve the leadership skills and capabilities of current and future Ecohealth practitioners. Besides, building up and sustaining the Ecohealth field in the region requires concerted efforts in research, capacity building and knowledge translation, underpinned by appropriate support from policy makers.

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